Web Design is Hard

My site has been broken for a little over a week, not for lack of trying to fix it. I’ve completely coded two sites from scratch in Visual Studio Code and they work perfectly fine on my local testing server, but once I upload them to Dreamhost they are inexplicably broken.

Because Dreamhost is Trash

I’ve been looking around the ‘net for better hosting providers, but every list of reviews I find puts Dreamhost at #1. Any site that ranks Dreamhost as the #1 hosting provider is being paid for their reviews, I guarantee it.

Dreamhost was useful when I just needed to host files online for easy access (I can hear you yelling “why not use Google Drive”) but once I tried using it for what they advertise it for, everything broke pretty quickly. My pages take often longer than a minute to load (a common complaint not unique to my site) and the web administration page itself often has to be refreshed two or three times before it even displays.


There were only two ideal solutions I could think of: run the server locally and leave my computer on 24/7 which is possible but not pleasant. My computer puts out enough heat to make winter feel like summer and summer feel like armageddon. The second solution is to use a prominent cloud-service provider like Azure or AWS. I have a lot of experience with Azure and have quite a bit of free “money” to play with thanks to my student account, so that’s probably what I’m going to do. Alas, this means my simple blog site is still broke-as-fuck.

Thanks to everyone who has pointed out the various non-functional or malfunctioning parts of my site. It helped me realize just how doomed my Dreamhost account is. It’s not a big loss… it’s only $2 or something a month (so cheap I don’t even remember) and I backup everything locally so I can cancel my account without a second thought. This is more of a heads up to any budding web designers out there who read glowing reviews of Dreamhost on literally every tech site in the world. They are lying. Dreamhost sucks dick.


  1. All the blowing of sunshine up Dreamhost’s ass probably has a lot to do with their affiliate program. The affiliate page boasts: “Join the DreamHost Affiliate Program to get cash quickly. Earn up to $200 per referral!” They fail to mention the dick-sucking involved. 😉

    1. Ha! I wasn’t aware of that but it makes a lot of sense. I just went through two courses on Amazon Web Services today and it seems pretty doable.

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