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Programming with AI: Copilot X Preview

Today, I was thrilled to receive the notification I had been eagerly waiting for – I was off the waitlist for Copilot X! Without any delay, I installed the prerequisites and embarked on an exciting journey of discovering the potentials of this advanced tool.

What is Copilot X?

Copilot X is a major leap forward from GitHub’s initial Copilot release. It integrates a unique GPT application called Copilot Chat which has been custom-trained on billions of lines of code. And the best part? Apart from the subscription fee for Copilot that I’m already paying, it’s absolutely free!

First Impressions

Given it’s been only a day since I started using it, I haven’t delved too deep into its “correctness”. However, my initial impressions are already significantly better than with the original GPT.

Not only can Copilot Chat recommend accurate code examples, but it’s also notably adept at debugging your code and explaining lines of code in plain English.

An Innovative Feature: Voice to Code

One feature that caught my attention, although I haven’t had the opportunity to test it yet, is Copilot X’s ability to transcribe voice to code. I’m unsure how frequently I would utilize this feature, but I can definitely see its potential.

Imagine wanting to quickly sketch out an idea without spending extensive time planning and structuring an application – this could be an invaluable prototyping assistant!

What’s Next?

In the coming days, I plan to spend a significant amount of time exploring Copilot X. Stay tuned for more insights and reviews on this innovative tool in the near future.