Welcome to Snarebox!


Welcome to Snarebox!

A “New” Beginning

Hi there! If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a follower that I’ve migrated from my old blog at WordPress, “The Dead Channels”. I’ve been meaning to do this for a couple years but was always too busy with school and didn’t quite know how to go about it. A special thank you to Ashley at Mental Health @ Home for pointing me in the right direction! Migration was a lot easier and faster than I thought.

I’ve owned this site for a long time but didn’t do anything with it other than post some work here and there. Around the end of the year, WordPress started sending me its usual “Upgrade for XX discount!” notifications and while it was tempting, I’d tried it in the past and didn’t find it helpful. That’s when it hit me: I already have a business WordPress account that I don’t use!

So, that’s where we are right now. Much of the site is quite broken and vacant but I’m working on it daily. While I have quite a bit of web development experience, none of that experience is with WordPress and a big part of my current battle is simply figuring out where things are hidden. Lots of the photos up are stock images because my portfolio of late has become quite bare, but I’m looking to rectify that this weekend (be prepared for lots of shots of snow, I guess!).

Thanks for sticking around for all these years as I’ve deleted and refined my blog again and again. I feel I’ve finally found my niche and good things are coming!

Also, I have covid. So I might not post a lot this week.

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  1. The follower migration seems to have worked just fine, and this’s post’s excerpt is showing up in my WP Reader feed.

    That sucks about the COVID. I hope you don’t get too sick and it doesn’t last too long.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I was worried because I still have a lot of kinks to work out… my posts aren’t showing up on the blog page of my site. I just have to crack open the code and see what’s up but I haven’t had the energy. Lol.

      I seem to be on the back end of covid. I’ve been told I can return to work monday. Doesn’t that always mean you’re not sick anymore? haha

  2. A few things…

    Your site is loading very slowly (like 5 seconds-ish) sometimes, yet ultra-fast other times. It doesn’t seem to relate to whether my browser has a cache of your site, although it may be an issue on my end, because Google Pagespeed Insights is loading it quickly.

    I wonder if using Jetpack’s comment form might work better. With what you’re using now, there isn’t an option for me to request email notification or any other kind of notification of responses. https://jetpack.com/features/discussion/comments/

    I realize now looking at that page I just linked to is that my site on the WordPress.com business plan uses the Jetpack comment form rather than the WordPress comment form. I knew something had changed with the way my site handled comments when I upgraded, but I wasn’t sure exactly what that change was.

    On a side note, when you commented on my post, it was with a Gravatar that’s linking to the old dogmaticpanic.com URL.

    Re. blog page, I think you should be able to set that up without tinkering around with the code. https://wordpress.org/support/article/creating-a-static-front-page/

    1. Oh yeah it’s a mess right now for sure, lol. Thanks for mentioning these, I didn’t know about my Gravatar or the comment forms. I know the site is loading bizarrely at random speeds and I’m not sure why either. I’ve decided to build my own theme from the ground up so I understand more of what’s going on. The site will remain broken until I have a working version of that done but it shouldn’t take longer than this weekend. A big part of the problem is Dreamhost (my provider) threw in this “premium website builder for WordPress” which is actually complete shit, so I’ve been trying to undo all of the broken-ness it added to my site to no avail. So, starting over.

      I’m using an app called Local (you have to look up Local by Flywheel otherwise you’ll obviously get useless Google results when you look up “Local”) which simulates a wordpress server on your computer, so hopefully I can get the structure to mirror on my web server. 😀 You’d think with 4 years of IT school I’d be better at this but you can’t buy much with $50,000 these days.

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