New Truck!

Short post because my time to write gets increasingly shorter too. I ordered a new truck a year ago and due to Covid-related shortages I was finally able to pick it up yesterday.

I lease, so I generally get a new vehicle every 2 years but this time it took almost 4. My leasing company was probably not willing to extend my last lease again so this came in right on time or Iā€™d be without transportation. šŸ˜›

Growing up I was one of those super liberal atheist kids who thought everyone who drove a truck was a racist redneck. šŸ˜…

I got my first truck in 2020 because it was the cheapest option (strangely enough) and I was still poor. Fell in love immediately. I see what all the hype is about. It just feels like you can drive through everyone else safely.

This one has a lot more features since I make more money now. Way better sound system which, if you know me, you know is important. Plus it has the newer tablet style screen with WIRELESS CARPLAY. Thank god. USB CarPlay is trash. It only worked every third or fourth time I started my car. So far this one is flawless.

Oh and the fish flies (mayflies) love it too.

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